gee (pinkfaerietale) wrote in thequestionclub,

1 - you are addicted to the internet, you have no life outside the know it's going to be cut off for a week..what do you do?! what do you do online before it goes?

2 - have you ever gone camping?

3 - did you enjoy it?

4 - i went once and was petrified of scary axe murderers roaming the hills and killing me while i'm in my tent...(i read too many horror books!) any way you can convince me not to let this stop me going from now on!?

eta -

remember the cartoons Love Is....? do you know anywhere where i can get them sent to me daily by email? i used to get garfield sent everyday and i was hoping there is somewhere i can get these too....


most romantic song? lyric-wise? i need some ideas for a scrapbook i'm making for my boyf, i have everything else i'd just like some lyrics now...

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