Ccat54 (ccat50) wrote in thequestionclub,

Would someone please slap me upside the head and tell me to quit feeling sorry for myself?

ETA: Stressing about several things right now, but everyone has problems so I probably need to just get over myself. Trying to find work in my field for the last 3 months (Independent Contractor, medical transcription, online), trying to live off of husband's disability. We have no money, zip, zilch. Will find out in a couple of weeks whether I need major surgery (of the female variety)which will set back the job hunting a bit. Plates on truck are expired and from our old state, we have been in Oregon for four months or so now. Cannot afford the $180 to get Oregon plates and title transfer, plus we inadvertantly left the title in a box in a storage unit in Montana. Can't get back there to get it. Geez, I'm a mess. You would think I would have my shit together a little better at this stage of the game (I'm 53.) Anyway, enough of the pity party.
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