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edit okay so someone brought up a good point about the lack of information and parallels in my questions, so here they are with background information:

1) what are good organizations, companies, corporations, and so on to send letters to to ask for financial support for a good cause?
The good cause is that i am going on Alternative Spring Break this semester and we need additional support so that we can make substantial donations to the organizations we are volunteering for. my particular trip is going to New York City to facilitate art programs for schools in underprivileged neighborhoods. the template letter to the organizations with more info is behind the lj cut if you are interested in reading it, or even in donating to the cause

To whom it may concern,

This semester at UMass Amherst I am involved in an Alternative
Spring Break program that allows students the opportunity to take
part in a domestic service-learning experience. We are looking to
expand our horizons and our understanding of the social differences
and divisions throughout the United States. We are also enrolled in
a course called "History, Culture, and Spirituality in the United
States" where we are studying different histories of oppression,
social justice movements and grassroots organizations that have
emerged to address these problems. We have five groups traveling to
New York City, Birmingham, North Carolina, the Mississippi Delta,
and New Orleans/the Gulf Coast. We will be working in some
especially noteworthy sites of current interest including metro-
Birmingham where there have been several church burnings and the
storm ravaged Gulf Coast/New Orleans. In addition to learning about
these communities, we will be helping with service projects and
other local initiatives. In the trip I am taking part in, I will be
traveling to New York City, in order to study the history, culture,
and spirituality of this community with a focus on children and
adolescence's art programming. Many of the schools in New York
City, especially in impoverished communities, only have enough money
to fund the subjects that the students are tested on regularly such
as math and English. Art funding is one of the first areas to be
cut. Studies have shown that student's success in the arts
transfers over into success in other subject areas. By giving New
York City children an outlet for expression we hope to help raise
student participation in math and English, give them a better chance
at being promoted to the next grade level, and give students a venue
to express their emotions created by living in an environment filled
with poverty, gangs, and difficult life decisions. This spring in
New York City we will be volunteering at three after school
programs, one public school program and an independent film company.

Each of us has contributed $200 to cover the costs of renting the
van, paying for gas, and buying food for the week. We also want to
be able to leave a large donation to the community in which we are
serving. This is where I am asking for your help to support this
trip. We need the help of friends and family to make this
experience possible. Our sources for fundraising are limited by the
amount of time that we have to spend towards it, considering we are
full-time college students and have trouble keeping up with work and
school at the same time. I will learn a lot on this trip, and I
will learn things that I could never attain in any typical classroom
setting. Please help us by sending a donation, any amount will
help. Any means in which you could provide support or assistance to
us will be greatly appreciated. We promise to inform you of all of
the wonderful experiences we have. If there is anything that we can
do for you in return, we will.


Members of UMASS Alternative Spring Break 2006

P.S. Remember that this donation will be tax deductible. Please
make checks payable to UCF and send them to P.O. Box 2033, Amherst
MA 01002.

2) and also, kind of weird, but where do i find good orange hair dye a la Fifth Element?
this question was unrelated to the first of course. the reason that i am asking is that i will be in my school's production of The Vagina Monologues, which is also for a good cause [rape crisis, women's rights, and so much more] and i wanted to be able to portray my characters in a certain way, and i have this thing about having orange hair...yeah. i hope this helps.
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