Feyna (caligogreywings) wrote in thequestionclub,


Probably a lot of tat questions, but I'm pondering my own.

How did you choose what to get inked? I'm trying to think of ideas that are very "me", and I'm having trouble.

My ideas so far:
Kero and Suppi from Cardcaptor Sakura in their little forms.

A circular design of a blue heron and an otter that I would have to get the artist to do, or someone that I know.

A stylized "tribal" otter, in blue, done by an artist friend.

An origami paper crane.

My own design of a stylized bunny looking up at a crescent moon.

I can't get all of the above, unfortunately. ETA: I should clarify my reason for that. See, the places here require a deposit. I don't want to make a deposit with the intention to get multiple tattoos, which would take a series of appointments, and then chicken out after the first one (just in case I'm actually not ok with the needle, though everyone assures me it's not bad at all. I'm just afraid of needles in general). I'd rather do things one at a time.

All of the above designs mean something to me. They're not random ideas, I just can't figure out how to ... figure out which means more to me. :P

How would you choose?
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