Kristine (mourirdefaim) wrote in thequestionclub,

Relationships are hard.

I just recently came out of a relationship that mainly consisted of fighting, at least for the last three months.
We barely even speak, but when we do, I get angry or sad, and he gets really, really mean about it. He's very dramatic and the door-slamming type. Normally, I'd just cut all contact, but we attend the same classes every day.

I sent him a text, asking him to come over tonight so I can apologize for my rude behavior and try to make things civil, but I regret sending him the text because he'll probably be cold and in the mood for a fight.

Should I tell him not to come, or should I just try for some closure? I just want us to be able to sit in the same room without it being really awful.

Update: We met, exchanged apologies in a very respectful manner, hugged and then he left. 
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