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Cruel, but aren't we all at least a little?

Do you ever feel like you've earned the right to mock something/someone? I know that sounds cruel, but I sometimes do. Two cases:

My sister was soooo into boybands. In my eyes it was perfectly acceptable for me to mock her, because I've been there, I was a big ole New Kids on the Block fangirl in their day. But when our litte brother would mock her, I'd get on his case for it. He was never there, what does he know?

Another one is the general population of whitet trash/trailor trash and of course rednecks which just about everyone makes fun of. I did my time, I lived in one of the trashiest trailor parks in Nashville in the proximity of drug dealers, hookers and god knows what else. I've been forced to wear hand-me-downs from relatives I barely know, etc. I've lived the life. And as far as rednecks go well... if you've ever heard me talk about my extended family then you know they DEFINATELY count as rednecks.
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