Катерина (genuine_stacey) wrote in thequestionclub,

knee pain

I run cross-country and track. The pain in my knee first started when I was running a short distance (400-800) in a fast pace. The pain was quite intense, though beareable, but it made me slow down because it hurt the most when my front leg was high in the air. It subsided shortly afterwards. Since then, it comes and goes, always when I do speedwork - run very fast and lift my legs high. If I ignore the pain, it does not stop until after I stop running.

What could it be? The knee is not swollen; it looks fine. It's hard for me to describe the pain, but I guess I could say it feels a little like burning, and it's not on the surface of the knee, but inside, sometimes below the cup.
It doesn't hurt to press on the knee at all. Sit-ups are usually fine, too. When I'm sitting down, I can sometimes inflict the pain by straightening and bending my knee slowly, trying to "catch" it.

It's been 4 years and I've been to numerous doctors, yet the problem persists... If you had anything similar, I'll be glad to hear any ideas.
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