psycho killer (hiphiphop) wrote in thequestionclub,
psycho killer

This Saturday I'm going to this scholarship thingy at a college I am considering. I just got the itinerary for the day and am a little freaked. I don't know what I was expecting for it, but they sent this article about the government's wiretapping/terrorist threat sort of thing (I haven't read it all yet) and the actual competition consists of writing an essay, doing a group discussion, and having an interview.

I am very, very quiet and shy, and the idea of a group discussion is terrifying - I always am the girl who attentively listens and never says anything, and I know that if I want to make this count I have to actually discuss.
And as far as the interview goes, I don't know what to expect. I haven't gone to anything like this before.

I'm pretty much a nervous wreck over this. Any ideas on how I can calm myself down on Saturday?
Also, as far as the interview goes - does anyone have any idea on what this will consist of? (Like, do you think they'll be asking me questions solely on the material, or questions about myself/why I want to go to Hiram/etc, or a combination of both?)
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