a passion play (apassionplay) wrote in thequestionclub,
a passion play

I have an appointment to meet with someone from HR to drop off copies of my IDs & to sign the official acceptance of offer sheet. How should I dress? Would a pair of jeans with a nice shirt be acceptable or should I go in as if I was going in for an interview? 

Also: My first actual day of working is on Casual Friday. Over the phone, the HR rep told me I should feel free to go in on my first day in jeans. It doesn't seem like that would be a good idea since it is my first day. I've never had a job that had a casual friday. I've either had jobs where you didn't have to dress up at all or you were required to do so all of the time. Should I go casual on my first day or stick with my gut and dress up?

Edit: You guys are amazing! Thanks for all the quick responses.
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