Admiral Space Walrus (admiral_walrus) wrote in thequestionclub,
Admiral Space Walrus


Dear TQC,

My once quiet and peaceful house no longer exists. Our backyard backs up to a rental house where new tenants moved in last friday. They have 5 kids that all look to be under 8 and a small, yappy, annoying dog. They leave said kids outside from around noonish until 4 or 5 where they run, squeal, and beat the fence anytime my dogs go outside. They then take their kids inside and leave the dog out for HOURS where it constantly YAPS (which is annoying on its own, but then it also get my dogs all panicky and whiney -- inside my house). I've been trying to study and CAN'T because of this fucking yappy dog.

Long story short, WTF can I do to shut this fucker (neighbors dog) up? non-serious answers are greatly welcomed.


PS...what color nail polish should I put on tonight?
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