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Today was a good day, TQC. I'm trying to become a substitute teacher, in preparation for eventually going back to school for teaching.

One of the things I need is a transcript showing 2 years of college. I have had about 6 years, but I left school owing a lot of money. So I went to talk to them today, after being out 5 years, thinking they were gonna be really pissed at me.

They were not! I got on a repayment plan of $5 a month, to keep me out of collections, and I get to call the lady back to get my transcripts sent to the school board when I'm ready.

My question is, TQC, if my debt is $5500, and subbing is $65 a day when I teach, plus whatever I can make working for my FIL's hot dog cart, what is a reasonable length of time I can expect to pay back this money and at what monthly rate?

Like, I know I can get it paid in 10 or 11 months if I pay $500 a month or more. But there's no way I can make that. I'm really hoping to get back to school within a year, but I don't see how it's feasible without taking out a loan to pay back the debt, and they won't let me back until I pay it off.

ETA: I guess since the question is weird, a second question would be this: if you wanted to go back within a year, what would you do to make $5500? A loan? Stripping? Srs and non srs is fine, I'm just stressin.

ALSO ETA: I guess it needs more info. We live alone right now, jobless, supported by his family. They will move into the house soon. We will be paying $200 a month, plus whatever our own expenses will be (not much). Unless he gets another job, he'll be working for his dad, but I do not expect much from that. I will be subbing, and working for his dad.
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