Katie (wishesorhopes) wrote in thequestionclub,

Last Saturday I got myself a desk. I had my macbook that was less than 2 months old and my droid which was relatively new as well on said desk. Then, being the clutz that I am, I spilled a cup of water on macbook, droid, other books and papers. Not a ton of water, but enough. Turned off macbook and let it dry 2 days with a fan blowing on it, took battery off droid and stuck it in rice. The droid works fine but the macbook isn't even turning on. I couldn't take out the battery because it was behind these little screws...maybe that's why it's broken. I am still recovering financially from buying the dang macbook and now I need to get it fixed...I'm upset.

What should I do so that the apple genius guy fixes my macbook? Srs/non srs answers.

Can you tell me your broken/stolen/lost etc technology horror stories so that I feel better about myself?
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