Douchenozzle Extraordinaire (gimalxina) wrote in thequestionclub,
Douchenozzle Extraordinaire

Do you eat cereal?

What kind of cereal(s) do you like?

Do you add anything to your cereal?

Do you put milk in your cereal?  

When do you eat it?

What do you do with sugary goodness at the bottom (ETA: of the cereal bag when you've eaten all the cereal)?

If you don't like cereal, what food do you fucking love then?

I fucking love cereal.

I'm currently madly in love with Kashi Go Lean Berry Crisp but Frosted Mini Wheats is my all-time fave.

Raisinets. Always. Every day. CANNOT EAT WITHOUT. Reeses Pieces every once in a while.

I don't, I drink it on the side. I like my cereal dry and crunchy.

Always at breakfast but I love it at any time of the day, sometimes I'll eat nothing but cereal all day.

I used to throw it out but now I save it as a topping for my yogurt. BEST IDEA EVER!
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