nopantspanda (nopantspanda) wrote in thequestionclub,

Alright, so I am useless at these things -- hold my hand TQC, tell me what to do :p

Had a pretty nice date on Saturday night, arranged to meet again on Wednesday but need to go over the details. Should I call tonight (I guess so since it is Monday already -_-) and go over things? I'm going to cook something so I thought I would just tell her I will start doing so around time X and say that she can show up when she wants to. Is that a bad idea or should I just give her an exact time? If she shows up early, there is a much better chance that the food will be edible and not on fire :p. Important food always seems to catch on fire when I'm around.

DK/DC: What should I cook on Wednesday? The less flammable the better.
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