some girl (vasquez) wrote in thequestionclub,
some girl

Cat owners of the land, how do you feel about your cats getting into all the nooks and crannies of your home? Do they have free rein? Are they destructive, or just curious? Do you let them on the kitchen counters?

I have a big kitty cat but he's still a kitten so he's kind of a troublemaker. I go to great lengths to keep him out of places like the laundry room, I shut the doors to my office and bedroom when he's home alone, and I try to keep him off the counters, but we are buying a house and it is much bigger and I suspect it will be much harder to keep a close eye on him. Plus the office won't have a door. Sometimes I feel like I'm suppressing his cattiness, but I don't know how strict I should be!
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