la bella puttana (teacuptempest) wrote in thequestionclub,
la bella puttana

1. Have you ever dreamt something so realistically that you weren't sure if it actually happened or not?

I remember my boyfriend telling me he had found a mouse in his kitchen and that he could borrow my cat to kill it...but I'm pretty sure it was a dream. I should just ask him but he's mad at me anyway atm.

2. What was the last fight you had with someone? What was it about?

Last night I got into a fight with my boyfriend because I rang him to come over at 10.20pm (it's a 5min drive from his house) and he said he would be there asap. He strolled in at 11.15pm thinking he was still going to get sex, PLUS he wanted me to help with his stupid homework. When he knew I had to be up at 9am this morning. By 11.15pm I was tired and had a headache (unfortunately these headaches aren't cured by sex :( i only get them when i'm overtired) so I didn't want anything to do with him sexually. Then while I was helping he kept talking over me and saying that I was wrong (he's doing the first year of the exact same degree as I, so I've already done it, and got a 84% grade for the exact same class too) so I stopped helping and just got up and went to bed and said "when you finish the quiz come and talk but until then I'm going to bed"...and he didn't speak to me at all, just went to bed too like an hour later when I was already mostly asleep and got up this morning and left. He knows how much I hate to go to bed angry. Fucker.

Was I wrong to get mad about him being so late? I am NEVER late and he knows how important that is to me.

What is appropriate revenge? At this point I'm not going to bother speaking to him until he speaks to me. I am always the one who has to apologise for shit going wrong. Grrr!
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