nopantspanda (nopantspanda) wrote in thequestionclub,

So earlier I dropped off all of my ex's shit at her house, on the curb really, and didn't bother her at all. I texted her and gave her good wishes and told her to take care. Apparently this caused a shit storm and now her friends and steroid abuser roommate want to throw physical threats in my general direction. I didn't do anything wrong, and I am getting tired of all of this. I am not taking crap from people anymore and letting them intimidate me. I just came out of the movies to a bunch of threats on my phone :p. What would you do in my shoes? I can not get a restraining order right now because it will kill my chances of the police job I am in the running for. (not irony really, but still -- lol)

I do believe that physical confrontation will occur in the near future, so just any general advice about this situation is nifty. Why are people so god damn crazy?
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