Amber Pye (themagpye) wrote in thequestionclub,
Amber Pye

TQC, when were you last mad at a classmate?

I was supposed to be part of a group for a business project. Since the other three were all in welding classes together and had car knowledge, they said they would do the technical part of the project (Building a soap box car). I said I had a design background and could do the presentation portion, if they gave me the information we needed (Costs, suppliers, etc). We were supposed to meet March break, but they never contacted me for the date (Wouldn't give me contact info, but had mine) and I felt bad, thinking I'd missed it. Last week we re-confirmed plans, they gave me info, and we set up to meet at 11:30 at a specific place before class today. I couldn't find them! I went home and made lunch and received a Facebook message a half-hour later saying they were there, but they still weren't! I went to class, where they then proceeded to show up late to the presentation anyway, and told the teacher they felt I hadn't "done anything" and wanted me booted.

Luckily my professor is fucking awesome and told me I could present by myself next week. I'll take my gorgeous presentation ELSEWHERE, douchenozzles. Good luck with your A with your pitiful white, off-centered, ugly-coloured presentation. Mine has ~style~.

(Luckily, the soap box car doesn't have any actual bearing, the presentation is for the marks and the car is for fun. I'm making one out of cardstock. It's called BoxBox Racer and it's fabulous.)

So I was mad at these guys in business class for being partner-fails.
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