Ansem Weems (lbf_buzz) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ansem Weems

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I am disappoint.

I went to the Apple store today to buy a new ipad, but they were sold out and the guy I talked to didn't know when they would be getting another shipment. I then decided that I'd just order it online from Apple, but the website says that it is about 4-5 weeks after ordering before ipads get shipped out. Now I don't know whether to buy it online and wait until May to actually get it or to hope that the Apple store near me gets another shipment in soon and buy it there. What do you think, TQC?

I am better off...

ordering my ipad from the Apple website and waiting 4-5 weeks for it to ship
checking back with the nearby Apple store frequently and hoping they get more ipads in soon
another option I haven't thought of that will be mentioned in the comments
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