cold as ice cream but still as sweet (rebel_waltz) wrote in thequestionclub,
cold as ice cream but still as sweet

have you ever been in the same room as someone who had the same ringtone as you?

yesterday i was in the breakroom and i heard The Imperial March going off. so i looked down at my phone and had a split second where i couldn't understand why it was ringing without there being a call. then i realized it was someone else's phone. it was quite surreal. unfortunately, he wasn't cute.

BONUS QUESTION: my sister will be here in 2 hours to take me to my therapy appointment because the buses don't run there and it's too cold and wet to bike.

should i spend the next 2 hours showering and picking out a cute outfit since it's my day off and i should look fabulous, or go back to sleep until like 12:45?
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