Ultraviolet Thunder, Immortal Master of Eagles (counterfeitfake) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ultraviolet Thunder, Immortal Master of Eagles


I am SUPREMELY annoyed at iTunes right now.

I have this album that iTunes refuses to show as one album. It creates multiple instances of the same album, for each track. So when I go in with my iPhone I see like 20 instances of the same album, each with one track.

I have spent a couple HOURS trying to sort this out. I just went completely scorched-earth, removed the songs from iTunes, used a ID3 stripper to remove the tags from the mp3 files, and reimported them... the problem PERSISTS. I don't even understand how this is possible.

Have you had this happen?

Do any of you know how to tame iTunes? God damn this is the worst piece of software.

UPDATE: Holy shit, I can't believe how much time and energy I spent solving this pretty trivial problem. THANK YOU ALL for your help, I have it figured out now. I am now considerably less furious, thanks to your actions!
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