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Uh oh.

I just had an argument with my husband because it's 7 PM and he's refusing to get out of bed to get his meds. He's bipolar & Schizophrenic. He NEEDS HIS MEDS. The Pharmacy closes at ten. I can't get them as I've got cerebral palsy and there's ice EVERYWHERE, and ice and I do NOT mix.

Anyway, the first time I tried to get him up, I sat on him and shook him and tried to get him up and he kept going "RESPECT ME RESPECT ME LEAVE ME ALONE RESPECT MY WISHES" And he was talking over me, which is disrespectful, no? Heh.

And just now I tried to get him up again, by being nicer this time, and he continued to talk over me, so I just yanked his covers off and told him to get the fuck up. He glared at me, got up, came to this room and tried to destroy the computer. Childish. I pushed him away, and he was all "How do you like it?" and stormed back to the bedroom. I got frustrated and angry, and punched the wall. I heard a CRACK, my hand hurt, and then pulled my hand back to see a hole in the wall. O.O I've never punched a hole in the wall. I've dented walls before, but never a HOLE. I didn't think I was strong enough to do that. And I punched with my right hand, too. I'm left-handed, so naturally my left arm is stronger. I guess it's different when I'm really mad. I'm such an idiot.


Have you ever punched a hole in a wall?

What should I do to get my husband up?

What should I do about this hole in the wall? I'm in an apartment, too. DAMN IT.
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