plasmic_slime (plasmic_slime) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does denying that you're being passive aggressive make you even more passive aggressive?

My ex housemate has deleted me from her facebook, and has put this in her information:


After going on a ‘delete-friend’ frenzy you may find this is the only page you can see on my profile. Sozza. This isn’t my attempt at passive-aggressive, I would have happily shown you the latter if I had a problem with you; this is just me culling the superficial friends that facebook promotes. I don’t really have 400+ friends. Nor do you. You have like 20 close ones. Max. I have deleted you because we don’t talk, or never really did. We might have felt obliged to add each other because of a high number of mutual friends, the kind of cyber politeness which is actually quite fucking weird when written down like this. I might have been your best friend once! But we're not anymore bbz. I don’t need to know where you went on your holidays/last night/who you are going out with/ the minutia of your everyday life, and you don’t need to know mine. It weirds me out that we could know if we wanted to though, seeing as I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Anyway goodbye! Don’t feel like you can’t talk to me if we ever actually do see each other in the REAL WORLD. Facebook is just all bullshit m8.

How do you feel about this? (I think she counted us as best friends once upon a time) Does that fact that she still has 478 friends make a difference? I'm finding it hard not chuckle here.
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