Yes, I bake (gralint) wrote in thequestionclub,
Yes, I bake

So I just went to Subway.

Me: "Hi, I was wondering what your five dollar sub of the month was.

The lady looks at me, points up to the menu and says, "Those are all of our five dollar subs." I take a second to look over the menu and respond, "You don't have any other five dollar..." And before I could even finish, she cut me off. "Those are all the five dollar subs we have."

I looked at the menu again and said "Okay, well then I'll have a Spicy Italian.
The lady snaps back at me, "That's not five dollars."
And this is where I start to get slightly annoyed.
Me: "Yes, I know. I'll take the Spicy Italian instead."

She makes my sandwich and I start scanning the menu and find the featured 5 dollar sub of the month, which is what went there in the first place for. I paid for my sub and left. The whole car ride home, I sat thinking about my damn subway experience to a point where I became really pissed off with how short she was with me. Like if only she had just listened to me, she would have figured out what I was talking about.

I just called the Subway I was at to get the lady's name who served me because I am thinking about calling to speak to a manager or corporate or something.

Why did this piss me off so much? Is it worth my time in reporting it to whoever, or should I just chill the fuck out? Let me know if I'm being a huge bitch about this.
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