reckoningnight (reckoningnight) wrote in thequestionclub,

Computer question!

My laptop does this really annoying thing while I'm typing where after about ten seconds, it starts inserting the text wherever my cursor is. Like just now I had to backspace and delete "wherever my cursor is" because it put it in the middle of the word "really" because the cursor was near there. SO IRRITATING. I'm not leaving my cursor over the text either, I can move it below or above the text and the same thing will happen in the text that my cursor is closest to. If I move my cursor outside of the text entry box, then after a few words, it'll stop accepting text as if I've clicked outside of the entry area. nge it?? It's driving me up the wall!! < - - left this one in for example

Why is this happening and how can I cha

I apologize if this is confusing, I'm not sure how else to word it

edit: thanks everyone. I am pretty careful about not touching the trackpad while typing but I will double my efforts
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