meow (feeeny) wrote in thequestionclub,

what's the last awkward conversation you had?

a 40 year old female body builder "came across" my facebook page and propositioned me for sex. i look like i'm barely 18.. no joke.

"No sorry we dont know each other but came across your page and think you are hot and beautiful and I soo would be with you Mmmmm.Im not saying that in a freaky weird way but Im very bi and just got out of a 3 year relattionship with this guy I fell in love with and he broke my heart lets just sayyy and I miss being with women and need to have fun again now & meet new people. Are u bi too? I sure hope sooo and I hope we could meet up and hang out & stuff if you want .Im sooo down u have no idea."

from the looks of her pictures, she's in denial about her age; she dresses like an 8th grader.
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