Tay (blacksapphires) wrote in thequestionclub,

 Every morning at school we get woken up stupidly early =/. Today it was the garbage truck (which I'm pretty sure I can't do crap about), but most days it's the construction on campus. My classes aren't that late in the morning, but every morning I'm woken up hours before I need to, and it's impossible to stay asleep long after that because it's just way too loud. Closing the window is not an option because the school has to have the heat turned up, but in the smaller rooms it's just too hot and stuffy (making me equally as sick as not sleeping does). I know I can't tell the school when to build and such, but do you think I could say anything to the school? (this will be going on for another 1-2 years and I'll be here and barely sleeping every single night sucks). Or should I just suck it up/go cry in a corner? XD
I want to say something but I'm wondering if it's just dumb to complain. 

DK/DC: How grumpy do you get if your sleep gets cut way short?
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