Dusty (dustyshakleford) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I bought a game on eBay for 20 bucks total.  The sale ended on the 3/7 which is also the day I paid.   Estimated delivery was 3/11-3/17.  I kept a watch on the MyEbay page so I could see which day the seller shipped.  When it still didn't say shipped by 3/10 I sent a series of messages until finally getting an answer.  

3/10: Have you shipped my item out yet? If not can you let me know when you do? Thanks.

3/11: Just wondering if you mailed out my purchase yet. The legend of zelda windwaker is what I bought. Thanks.

3/15: Again messaging you to ask if you've sent my item, it's showing up on the myebay summary page as not shipped, so just wondering. I would really appreciate a reply. Thanks.

got this message back on 3/15: Sorry for the delay. I shipped this item out on Sunday.
the shipped status says it shipped on 3/16, but I'm not sure if maybe he put it in there that day after realizing he forgot to and there is not way to modify the date.  

I sent a new message just now:  What method did you use to ship? I'm getting pretty antsy over here waiting for this. You say you shipped sunday but I thought post offices were closed on sundays.

This whole thing seems a little shady and IDK what I should do if I don't get this game soon.  How long should I wait before taking any action.  So, TQC will you help me figure out what to do?  Give me advice?  Tell your own ebay horror stories? 

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