Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, am I a bad pet owner or something? Arachne loved me. Arachne deliberately jumped back into her jar when I tried to let someone else hold her. I can't be abysmal.
My freshman year, I owned two snails. One(captain) died for whatever reason. The other(sluggo) escaped the vase and launched himself into the space between the wall and the heater.
Towards the end of last year, I had a small fish, a Chinese Algae Eater named Dash. Dash was a fast fish, with camoflauge, so I made sure to find him in the tank often. One time I didn't find him in the tank. I enlisted my roommate's help. She found him on the floor next to the dresser.
Last night, my newer (october, not that new) snail, Squirrel, went over the edge. Again. He had attempted a few days earlier. So twice now I have heard that clunking noise and rushed over to find him, wipe him off, and plunk him into the tank. he seems to be gearing up for a third attempt. He jsut went over a third time. If I'm leaving overnight, I have to put something over that side of the tank to prevent him from goign over while I'm gone.

Why? Why do my animals attempt/commit suicide?

Also: you are in a fairly long-term relationship. Someone who knows you a bit, but hasn't really seen you often outside of class and short chats and therefore doesn't know you have a (boyfriend/girlfriend) asks you out. You say no, that you're taken. How do you feel about this?
(I feel kinda bad...)
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