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Personal Assistant Wages

What is a fair salary for a really informal personal assistant?

One of my former professors is looking for a personal assistant, and I'm going to ask her to consider me for the job, but I'm not sure what I should tell her for a salary requirement (I know she's gonna ask). We're on a really informal, personal level, and I think it's only a couple hours a week picking up dry cleaning, going to the post office, that sort of thing.

Do I charge by the hour? By the job? By the month? And what SHOULD I charge? I'm honestly not even sure what would be a rip off, and what would be fair, so any help would be really appreciated.

*Edit* If I charge gas mileage, how exactly do I do that? Do I just keep a log of how many miles I've gone during the jobs and convert that to a cash value?
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