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A person would definitely be able to tell if their foot/ankle/whatever was seriously hurt, yes?

Because every time I hurt my ankle I'm always secretly worried that it's sprained or something.

But then it's okay in a few days.

What would that be considered anyway, when it hurts to walk properly but your foot and ankle aren't broken or sprained or anything?

I was playing capture the flag last night and failed to realize there was a step down onto the road and ate shit so hard. My left ankle still hurts and I just wonder if I should do anything for it.

And now for things that have nothing to do with my health...

Which makes you laugh more; the fake vampire teeth the singer of A7X wears in their new video or the fact that the guys in A7X have names like 'Synyster' and 'M. Shadows'?

How would you react if a close friend ran away without telling you or anyone else about it? How would you feel when they came returned a week later completely fine without any real explanation for why they ran away?
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