Ms. Emily (captain_emily) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ms. Emily

TQC, I have a dilemma.

I've wanted a Saint Bernard for quite some time, but had intended to wait another year or so before even considering it.  Then I stupidly went on Petfinder today and found a female Saint in a nearby shelter.  I can't decide if I should get her or not.  

Cons:  We are trying to pay off debt and this will be expensive for the first six months or so.  (Vet, training, etc.)    After that, it'll just be monthly food and pet insurance payments.  This won't break us, but I feel guilty for spending money when we're trying to cut back.    Plus, a new puppy, especially a giant breed, is a lot of work.   Also, slobber.  Lots and lots of slobber.

Pros:  I grew up with a Saint and I've wanted one since Conan died fifteen years ago.  I will eventually get one anyway, so this is just a bit ahead of schedule.  Also, look at how precious she is!


So what do you think--should I get the puppy or not?
Also, if she were your puppy, what would you name her?

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