palpitate indifferently (drivemetolondon) wrote in thequestionclub,
palpitate indifferently

roommate problems...

ok. scenario:

College housing applications are due in a couple of weeks and my current roommate and myself are in a bit of a conundrum...

So at the beginning of this year, I had a roommate that I didn't get along with at all so I became really good friends with this girl, Kelly, who lives in the room next door. My roommate ended up moving out and another girl, Hannah, moved into my room taking her place. Hannah and I became really good friends so the three of us- Kelly, Hannah, and myself have since become a trio, doing everything together. We are really the only friends eachother have, so Kelly just kind of assumed that the three of us would room together next year, and is pressing to turn in the forms so we can get a triple.

The only problem is that Kelly can be EXTREMELY irritating at times because she is pretty dense and pretty loud and can just be really annoying. However, she is extraordinarily nice and I would never want to lose her friendship, I just know for a fact that neither I nor Hannah would be able to live with her. Hannah and I do really well living together- we haven't had any problems thus far, and it doesn't look like we ever will, so it would be a good idea for us to continue living with each other.

So the problem stands... we don't know how to tell our third leg, Kelly, that we don't want to live with her in a triple next year... she's the type of person that would be really offended and hurt if we told her that we wouldn't get along with her if we lived together. She's good in small doses... She is a wonderful friend, but I just know that our friendship would go downhill really quickly if we were living together and neither I nor Hannah want that to happen.

Any ideas how to go about it???
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