pkbitchgirl (pkbitchgirl) wrote in thequestionclub,

Cost of a server

I was wondering how much a server would cost?

Note, I'm not looking to buy one, I'm just curious how much one would cost. A cheap personal one? How much would one of the ones Zynga uses for its games cost? (I'm aware that Zynga apparently has 10,000 servers)

I did a search on Yahoo answers and other sites, but whenever anyone asked they got answers of 'it's so easy to build your own'

Which leads me on to another question, how come when people ask a question, people don't answer the question asked and instead answer 'you should do this instead? For example, I asked for recommendations of laptops suitable for gaming and instead of answering my question people told me to get a desktop instead, if I wanted recommendations for a gaming desktop I'd ask for one.         


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