yesand (yesand) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I saw a show the other night. And I thought I saw my first real crush that I ever had. Long story short since I have his sister on facebook I msg'd him and asked if it was him at the show. It was. I also pointed out that he probably didn't remember me because I haven't seen him in years. He said that my name was really familiar, and asked exactly how we knew each other. The thing is I don't know what to say. See the thing is I first had a crush on him when I was 11... he was my counselor at camp and we went to church together, his mother was my sunday school teacher, and his sister used to give me wedgies. Yes, I was that girl. Anyhoo I had a thing for him for about 4 years.

How do I explain to him who I was without saying: I was that weird girl who followed you around for 4 years and tried to sint next to you in church?

Just saying I was his camper seems too vague. But everything else seems like I'm a crazy. I don't know if this helps but I'm 22 now so I find it more hilarious than anything else. But I don't want to sound like a creeper now.
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