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Will you give me a writing prompt? Preferably something suitable for a short story, no more than a couple pages or whatevs. Idc really.

What are some sounds that annoy you the most when you're trying to study/get stuff done?
People talking in another room where I can /almost/ make out what they're saying, but not quite. My brain is always quite certain they're talking about me and hones in on the convo. :(  Loud typing, whistling of any kind, loud gum-chewy noises. Ugh, HATE that sound.

What are some of your fave onomatopoeias?
I like saying 'waffle' and 'zoop zoop' a lot. Especially in the place of 'bang'. "Waffle! You're dead."

DK;DC: If you're reading a comic/manga how do your prefer onomatopoeias to be shown? Ex: for typing do you prefer "type type type" or something like "taka taka taka"?

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