monika (fouralarm) wrote in thequestionclub,


here is the situation: i'm scheduled to work on thursday the 17th, and no other days that week. my friend jessica wants me to take the train up to visit her from tuesday to friday (mainly for st. patrick's day drunkenness) and i really want to go; i miss her and her housemates/bffs sooo much.

i would just tell my boss i can't work that day - it's just a three hour shift - but i have to take tuesday march 22 to tuesday march 29 off to visit my dad in texas. i tried switching shifts with someone who is working the same shift on a different day, but she can't switch to a day that would work for me. my friend wants me to just call in sick that day or something but i know my boss doesn't like people taking time off, so i don't want to push it since i'm already taking a week off.

what would you do, tqc?

(oh also, if it matters, i'm quitting this job and moving in about a month)

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