hello goodbye (woah_holey_gosh) wrote in thequestionclub,
hello goodbye

tqc, it is 7.16 am and i am supposed to be starting work at 8.30. i woke up with really bad stomach pains and diarrhea. as i am an early childhood teacher, we are not allowed to be at work if we have any vommiting or diarrhea etc as it can obvs be spread.

i have phoned and texted my boss but with no reply and i have also phoned work but no one is there yet.
what should i do?! i need to get hold of them so they can get a reliever in.

also, should i leave a message on the answer machine? what do i say.."oh hey there im shitting mad crazy cant come in today!"? im so embarrassed and freaking out rn :/

i phoned work again and the assistant head answered and was very understanding about my situation! yay!

question#2! what should i do today besides chilling in the toilet? what are you doing/have done today?

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