we feel lucky when we wake up (explain_things) wrote in thequestionclub,
we feel lucky when we wake up

On Friday we didn't get any of our own mail, we got all of our neighbors mail, I went and put it in their box because a lot of it was important and if I just put it back in our box it would probably be weeks before they got it. The mail had just come when I put it in their box and they didn't even have mail, I'm pretty sure they didn't get any unless they went out to get it the very second it was delivered. Now today again we didn't get one single piece of our mail, it wasn't for the same people as usual so my dad is just going to put it back in the box because we are unsure as to where these people live. Now the thing is for some reason my dad is unwilling to complain, I assume he thinks then we'll never get our mail. I'm going to complain, I feel bad because he doesn't want to and it's his house and all but there is stuff I'm not getting, some important like stuff for college, and some not-so-important things like the magazine I subscribed to just for one issue that Jenny Lewis will be on which was supposed to arrive in the very beginning of February. Granted my dad is probably missing a lot more important mail, sice he gets much more than I do.

How should I complain? Should I go directly to the post office, call them up, file a complaint on the website? Should I leave him a note like "this is 928 Happy Road! Not 928 Honey Lane or 927 Happy Road!"? The last one is probably a bad idea.

2. How do I go about finding a good Chinese restaurant?
The one I've always gone to had a sign on their door about a month ago explaining that they were closed due to family illness, now the store is up for lease. I'm guessing they aren't coming back. I really hope that they're okay since they were super nice people. Anyway I've asked people around here where they get Chinese food, and the places just haven't been good. I've looked online to no avail. I've tried at least 6 places and they've all been pretty shitty.

3. If you're carrying a bag on your shoulder, which shoulder do you carry it on?
I always use my right shoulder, I can't keep bags on my left shoulder to save my life.
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