John Black (shruikan13) wrote in thequestionclub,
John Black


Ok, so here is the back story.

I sent my girlfriend of 2 ½ months this Haiku today.

I have a feeling
I think that I might love you
Do you love me too

I don’t know why I did this. I was caught up in the whole romance of the day I guess. I don’t love her. I will know that I love her when I no longer have to ask myself if I do. I do care about her a lot though. When I talked to her after she got this she kind of freaked out. This is weird because she is normally not a very emotional person. I on the other hand am very outgoing with my emotions. My friend once said that I am moodier that a girl on her period. Anyway, I can tell that this really freaked her out and I feel really bad about it now. She told me that it wasn’t possible to be in love with someone you have only known for six months. I have been in love in under a month in the past… and I know with all my heart that that love was real love.

So my actual question are…

1) What in the name of god should I do?
2) Is there a time limit to wait until you say that you love someone?
3) How do you define love?
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