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Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass.

Soap Operas

Does anyone watch soaps? Which ones? I used to watch Another World, for over 15 years (I started when I was about 5 and my Dad was home on Worker's Comp. It was our "bonding" time)

Since it was cancelled, I haven't really watched any other ones. Occasionally, I check in on Days Of Our Lives, as it was on just before AW. Since I've been laid off the last couple weeks, I've been watching it more regularly, though not every day. The current storyline has me scratching my head, and I was hoping someone could answer a few questions.

These things might just be those illogical Soap things that don't make any sense - I mean, this is a show where a woman was possessed by the devil, there was an island full of "dead" characters and mind-control is as common as a snowstorm (as in, a couple times a year). Anyway, on to the dilemma:

A girl (Chelsea) is charged with the hit-and-run death of her younger half-brother (Zack). As far as I can remeber, I think I saw something leading up to this just before New Year's. I'm fairly sure that the accident was supposed to have happened on New Year's Eve, as it was mentioned the girl was allowed to use her Dad's truck because, as a non-drinker, she'd be safer than if she had to catch a ride with a drunk friend.

1. Did it really happen on New Year's? Because today, Zack's mom (Hope) was looking at a box of his stuff from school, and there was a Valentine in it. (And what little kid - I think he was 6-ish?- would make a Valentine 2 months before, when he's mroe likely to be doing Christmas crafts?)

2. How is it that a little boy was hit by a truck late on night on New Year's Eve? Why aren't the parents in trouble for the kid wandering around in the first place?

Again, I'm pretty sure that these are both things that you're just not supposed to think about when you're watching soap operas. But a LITTLE bit of sense should come in to play, occasionally. Maybe that's asking a little much for a show where they had a character named "Swamp Girl" who turned out to be a beautiful opera singer. I guess that's why they're cancelled.

Which brings me to one last question: I heard that Days has been cancelled. When is it over?
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