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Yay for complexities!

So I learned enough about jazz to not be completely clueless. (And in the process downloaded most of Brian Setzer's stuff, who I liked anyway, which I will need to go get on CD right behind all the Swedish metal CDs I still "owe".) I also discovered that a bar (with a restaurant, so no age restriction, I'll get to that in a minute) that has jazz bands two nights a week. I formulated an idea...

I will ask this girl to go with me sometime, and I might or might not pay for her if we go alone, but the plan is to make it an open invitation for a group of friends - anyone she wants to bring, friends of mine that I can find (or possibly my sister and brother-in-law, who would be shocked to see me go to that sort of thing, even though they do all the time), and anyone we can get from the student organization we both belong to. (Global Friends of Japan, which gives you some sort of idea, and hints at one more of my questions.) I'll wait to invite anyone (other than seeing if they will be working that day, just in case) until a couple days before, and call her and see if she's bringing anyone, and if not, I'll just go alone with her. On to the questions...

Is this a good plan? Does the group idea help it any? Is it a good thing to invite her to when the majority of what I know about her is that she knows nothing of Japanese politics but studies piano and jazz? Anyone forsee any issue with my plan when I mention that she's Japanese and 19 and I'm American and 27? (I don't look it or act it! :) )

Umm... crap, I had more questions than this and forgot. I'll probably see her some night this week at a rehearsal/practice/thing forJapan Night, the organization's big yearly event, but definitely Saturday and Sunday for the final rehearsal and actual show. (She will serve food and perform in one dance, I will be running the lights for the fourth year in a row.) That leads to a new question I thought of... Given that they're every Monday and Thursday, when is an optimal amount ahead of time to invite her to something like this? (Assuming, of course, that she'll agree to it, but I'm at least confident in that part. :) )
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