non (ontheqt) wrote in thequestionclub,

I don't want to admit the obvious, so convince me

I want to be friends with this girl i know-
however, in order for us to click, a certain side of me that is not a full representation of me needs to appear.

I have a lot of different sides to me as a person.
like 3 i think.
for instance, there is this 'actor' side to me that is the way i am when I am around theater people. this is the side she gets along with perfectly. it's like watching one of those old tracey/hepburn movies where we everything just clicks.
the problem is that once I found out that there was a side to me that I really enjoyed and really felt normal as, I stopped being the 'actor' side and just was me.
but...she seems like a really interesting person and right now.. I am kinda strapped for friends so I figured 'let's pursue this' but I keep getting this feeling that it's a bad idea b/c I feel either we will be really close and she eventually find out or she will (maybe my ego or maybe something else) fall in love with me then see someone else and drop me in a second.

I am comfortable with this side and enjoy it, but I am more comfortable being my regular self, however as that self me and her don't click as tightly.
but if I am friends with her, wouldn't I eventually want to be myself when relaxed?

any help would be great.


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