451-173...Y (venus_in_fur) wrote in thequestionclub,

Examples of easy-to-navigate websites

Does anyone know of any good examples of websites that have, on their homepage somewhere, a tool for users to find information based on who they are? Something like:

I am a (select one):

and, depending on who the user is, there is another selection tool that has common questions among that audience. For example, if I had selected "student" from the first list, maybe now there's a new list that says:

I would like information about:
-searching for scholarships
-applying for schools
-requesting transcripts

Of course, if you know of a good website that is organized and lets a diverse set of users identify themselves to help personalize their experience, it doesn't have to have anything to do with the education field at all! I'm just trying to get some ideas for making my organization's website more user-friendly. Thanks!

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