nemo nemesis (galactic) wrote in thequestionclub,
nemo nemesis

loud kitty

I live in a small bachelor suite. I have two kitties. They're half Siamese, so they're quite vocal.

The younger cat, Rascal, yowls for breakfast anywhere between 3:00am and 4:30am. I have tried filling the food bowls before I go to bed, but either Rascal scarfs up the food or Toby (the older cat) eats it. I'd rather not leave out food because Toby is a chubby bunny who needs to lose weight, and it doesn't satiate Rascal's appetite anyway. Rascal has been checked out by the vet, and he is okay.

I have tried ignoring Rascal and also squirting his bum with water. He only stops when I give him food. And I wear earplugs, but I can still hear him. I don't want to keep reinforcing this behaviour by giving him food whenever he wants it.

Has anybody here ever dealt with this situation? What did you do?

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