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I have a very big test tomorrow that I haven't started to study for just yet. I am not confident in this class at all, and I hate the material. It's very subjective.

I'm one of those people of the school of thought that everything I do is worthless, I'm a pathetic person, and I'm a perpetual failure so nothing I ever do really matters, I fail anyway. (Even though I'm a half decent student, my argument is I really don't know why. I suck at everything else in life and everybody makes sure I know it.)

So how do you suggest I keep from physically injuring myself after I take this test tomorrow? As of right now I'm planning on slamming my fist into a wall, which is an overall bad idea because I'm a (horrible) musician. I deserve it anyway.

*very fucking depressed and pissed off at the world. forgive me.*
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