head case with a smile (justaminuteaway) wrote in thequestionclub,
head case with a smile

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First, sorry for asking so many questions tonight.

Secondly, oh my god I am really cold. I just saw the six inches of untouched snow outside and turned into a five year old. I was out there for ten minutes doing snow angels and running amuck in my pajamas without shoes on. Yeah, I know. Dumbbbb!

I can't go upstairs for a new change of dry clothes. The only stuff down here is my grampa's smelly work jacket, really expensive fancy blankets, and a shirt and jeans I puked on last week. What would you do to keep yourself warm and make your feet stop hurting?

Third, did you know that they're making a sequel to Jackass? Would you go see it? Do you think Jackass/Viva La Bam/Wildboyz/Team Sanchez are the dumbest things ever or can you find the humor in them?
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