Alexandra (neglectedecho) wrote in thequestionclub,

I restarted my computer, a fairly normal thing for me. and then when I tried to log on under my name (the only name on here) it said it couldnt log onto there now due to possibly security issues or a corrupt profile. it logged me onto a temporary one (grassy field, default settings) I tried restarting again and now when I click on my name it logs me onto the default one. Some of my icons are still the same. not all and my picture for my account is still the same. Did I lose everything? HOW?

Running XP and fucking despising it


I just ran a search to find imperative programs and everything is there just...its as if now there are two users except there arent. Im not making sense I know but I almost had a heart attack, I have papers due. So, why did this happen? Will I be able to go back or should I try to move everything here...wherever here is.

I find all my files etc, by going computer=--documents and settings-user - etc...
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