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Crash! Boom! BANG!

I got in my first car wreck last night.
I have no idea what to do as far as calling the cops to find out all the info about my car, who's fault it was deemed, etc. and I really don't feel like doing it today because I'm in pain and I just want to lay around and forget about it for a couple of days.
So my question is...can I wait and call them on Monday? and do I even need to call them, or do I wait for them to call me?
I know at least some of you have been through this before, so could you pass on some advice to a newbie?

Sorry guys. I guess I should have put in my post that the cops were there,like, 2 minutes after it happened. Cops, ambulance, firetruck, the whole nine. My car was definitely not drivable and I was too banged up to really worry much about my car or anything else at that point.
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