___meganat0r (___meganat0r) wrote in thequestionclub,

ok. just wondering if there's a way to politely do this or.. what. for xmas i picked out a small list of people that i was going to buy stuff for, since i live away from everybody, this also narrowed down the list to people who would also send something back. there were only about 8 total, nothing majorly expensive was bought and you know.. i put a lot thought and effort into what i was getting for who.

well, xmas came and went, and Jan.20th was my birthday. so.. one person who didnt send me anything back for xmas, i thought: okay, maybe it'll be a birthday/xmas gift combined, thats how a lot of friends do it to save money. no biggie, i dont mind.

well.. as you can see, it's almost valentines day and i still havent recieved anything from said person. normally, i would just be frustrated to myself and move on, but a few weeks back she IM's me. she tells me that the xmas/bday gift she was going to send me, well part of it was i guess edible or smelled edible and her dog ate it. so i was like oh, no big deal, my dog's done that before. whenever you can get it to me is fine.

she hasn't said anything since... is there a polite way for me to ask her if she's going to send it? b/c im dying here knowing that she's got *something* for me, but she just hasn't sent it. urgh. i dont know what to do. any suggestions?
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